Audio Homilies

1. Confession and Repentance
A Talk Given by Fr. Josiah Trenham at the 2006 Antiochian Clergy Conference (Diocese of the West)

2. The Christian Marriage and Family
The Christian Marriage and Family: Four Audio Lectures by Fr. Josiah TrenhamWith Special Emphasis on the Teaching of St. John Chrysostom.On December 9, 2006 Holy Cross Orthodox Church in Yakima, WA hosted a Nativity Lenten Retreat featuring Fr. Josiah Trenham, pastor of St. Andrew Antiochian Orthodox Church in Riverside, CA

3. Spiritual Combat
A Lenten retreat by Constantine Zalalas hear full collection at Saint Nicodemos Publications Site.

4. Pantocrator
Free audio lectures/ homilies and material for those seeking to learn more about the Christian Orthodox Faith. Site is in English and Greek.

5. The Divine Music Project
This website contains more than 6000 pages of Byzantine music in Western and Byzantine notation in the style of chanting used on the Holy Mountain.
The scope of this project covers the liturgies of St. John Chrysostom, St. Basil the Great, St. James, and the Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts, as well as various doxologies, and hymns for Vespers, Orthros, the Mysteries, and the Menaion. The words of the hymns are provided in Elizabethan English, Modern English, and Greek. Click on the ten orange buttons below to access these hymns.


1. Saint Nicodemos Publications
In today’s perilous times, (2 Tim.3: 1) the enemies of Orthodox Christianity are not only numerous but within the very walls of the church; the weeds of neo-idolatry, syncretism, secularism, and pan-heresy are blooming and de-Christianizing the confused members of the Orthodox church of Christ. Today more than ever we need to abide by Saint Paul’s deception-proof recipe found in the second letter to the Thessalonians, Stand fast and hold on to the traditions which you were taught, whether by word or our epistle…

2. Uncut Mountain Press
Uncut Mountain Press, founded in 2000, was established for the purpose of translating (from Greek, mainly) and publishing, and distributing, texts which have hitherto not seen the light of publication in the English language, texts which are especially appropriate and helpful to the scattered flocks of Orthodox Christians throughout the English-speaking world, texts which were written under the guidance of the grace of the Holy Spirit and which express the fullness and fervency of the Faith.

3. St. Herman Press
The St. Herman Press is the publishing arm of the St. Herman of Alaska Brotherhood, a monastic-missionary Orthodox Christian brotherhood which is part of the Western American Diocese of the Serbian Orthodox Church, under His Grace Maxim, Bishop of Western America.


1. Saint John The Forerunner
The Orthodox Christian Brotherhood St. John The Forerunner is dedicated to promoting authentic Christianity as preserved by the unbroken tradition of the Orthodox Church. Our purpose is to meet and inform all those searching for the true faith so that they may share in the wealth. â€

2. Orthodoxy In America
In 1794, a small group of missionaries landed on Kodiak Island, Alaska, bringing to the New World the Orthodox Faith of the Apostles. Over the next two hundred years, with the help of immigration from Europe and the Middle East, the Apostolic Faith spread throughout all of the North American continent.

3. Gabriel’s Message WordPress Blog
Gabriel’s Message is a blog by a single, forty-something layman of the Orthodox Church. Whos taken the steps to learn more about the Orthodox Faith, and traditions — the insights of contemporary Elders, the teachings of the ancient Church Fathers, and the prayers of the timeless liturgy.

Monasteries in America

1. St. Anthony’s Greek Orthodox Monastery
In the summer of 1995 six monks arrived in the southern Arizona desert to establish St. Anthony’s Monastery, carrying with them the sacred, millennial heritage of the Holy Mountain, Athos. Since early Christian history, this steep and rocky peninsula in northern Greece proved to be a haven for ancient Egyptian, Cappadocian, and Constantinopolitan monastics. Thus, it enjoyed a direct link with the greatest monastic establishments of ancient Christianity, preserving intact the wisdom of the holy fathers and the sacred tradition of the ancient Church. Today, the Holy Mountain consists of 20 independent monasteries, and numerous sketes and hermitages, housing Orthodox Christian monks from all over the world.

2. Saint Nektarios Monastery
The Monastery is dedicated to St. Nektarios of Aegina (†1920), who is rightfully referred to as “the Saint of our century,” on account of the countless miracles he performs daily for the faithful seeking his help. The Monastery’s main chapel is dedicated to Archangel Michael of Mandamado.